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Transport to a Better Life.


For almost a decade, The Half Percent Project has helped transport rescue dogs and cats. Founder Patricia and Board Member Robert have worked closely with Blind Dog Rescue and Rescue Dogs Rock to help these organizations get pups to their forever homes. Generally, transport pets come from the southern US and travel north to shelters, rescues, and fosters ( Patricia, who’s monitored many transports in the past, knows that these trips can take days at a time.

No matter where you live, organizations can always use help with animal transport. And not just drivers, people who can monitor and oversee transport are essential to the process. They ensure these precious animals find homes that, otherwise, might have been out of reach.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can help, send us a message.


Better Days. Second Chances.


In August 2021, HPP founder Patricia and Board Member Robert attended an open house at the Better Days Rescue Fund cat sanctuary. Better Days is an organization dedicated to giving cats a second chance at long-term health and happiness, not just turning them over as quickly as possible. They specialize in taking in cats that other shelters might turn away, like cats with missing limbs, deaf and blind cats, and cats with chronic illnesses. The Half Percent Project has been working closely with Better Days to raise funds for their cat sanctuary where they provide a loving home for cats to live out the remainder of their lives in comfort.

"Our cats and kittens are cared for in foster homes where they get love and attention as close to a real home as possible... They get to sleep on our beds at night and in our laps while we watch TV. They live with us, so we care for them as our own and we know their personalities."

The Better Days sanctuary currently needs a new floor, which will cost around $14,000. If you would like to contribute towards their new floor, please visit the donation section on our website In the comments, specify the funds are for BDRF Floor. You can also purchase items for Better Days Rescue on their Chewy or Amazon Wishlist which can be accessed on their website,


Helping Furiends and The Shelters That Rescue Them


Since 2019, Half Percent Project Board Member Dan has been volunteering with a no-kill animal shelter in Middletown, NY called Pets Alive. Recently, he stopped by the shelter to visit with some of the animals there, including horses, goats, and their dogs for adoption.

A typical day volunteering for Dan can include walking the dogs and feeding the farm animals carrots but he also helps the organization in other ways, like volunteering to review their new website design. This year, Dan and HPP founder Patricia sat down with Pets Alive leadership to determine what the shelter needs to continue helping animals and, after a few strategy meetings, noted that they would benefit from the addition of 1-2 new board members. The Half Percent Project conducted a search to recruit a stellar board member who immediately got to work adding value to Pets Alive.

At The Half Percent Project, our dedication to the work means not only taking the time to walk the dogs (some of whom have been adopted) and feed the animals when we can, but also talking openly with the shelters we work with, donate time and resources, and ensure their success into the future. Our board member Dan is a great example of our values at work.

Pets Alive is one of the recipient organizations that we are committed to, partnering with and providing support to help them achieve their goals. As part of the work we do for them we would like to draw attention to their needs, including finding homes for the animals at their rescue.

For information about Pets Alive, visit


How Tink Found Her Furever

May 2021-June 2021

In May of this year, Tink was brought into the NYACC after being found in Brooklyn. Her face was bruised and it was reported that she’d fallen off a roof. Our founder, Patricia, fostered Tink from May 20th to June 25th. This is their story.

When Tink came, she was four weeks old and only 14 ounces. Initially, she was very scared, quiet, and withdrawn. After a few days, she began to trust Patricia and became clingy. But after about three weeks of foster care, her personality began to show. She became curious, active, and smart.

 After 8 weeks in foster, we shared Tink’s photo on The Half Percent Project’s social media, as well as Patricia’s personal accounts, and someone messaged that their son was interested in adopting Tink. When Tink met Justin, her new dad, it was love at first sight. He had experience with senior pets and loved animals.

 When he came to pick her up, it was bittersweet because Tink had become part of Patricia’s family. But while it was sad to see her go, we know Tink’s story has a happy ending and we at the Half Percent Project are glad to have been part of it! Tink is now Noémie and is living a good life in her furever home.

For information about NYACC, visit

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